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A manuscript on the basis of physics, the number space and the coordinate system, is presented and can be discussed.

ART and QT are time-symmetric theories. They are self-contained, but are not coherently constructed from the natural numbers. This means that Hilbert's 6th problem of building physics axiomatically has not yet been solved. Physics is ultimately on shaky ground. Are the constants for the masses of elementary particles (quarks, muons, tauons, neurtinos) really necessary? Are forces (gravity, electro-magnetic, heavy and light forces) even necessary if the numbers themselves already provide coherence? Does the distinction between potential and kinetic energy E = U - L make sense? Are the quadratic equations necessary for inertial systems? What is a photon? Are only ratios of energies measurable?


Lecture at the spring meeting of the German Physical Society on March 11, 2024:

Die Bedeutung positiver rationaler Zahlen und des Koordinatensystems mit Epizyklen P(2π) für die Energieverhältnisse in der Physik

Poster at the spring meeting of the German Physical Society on March 14, 2024:

Poster on elementary particle physics with the coordinate system P(2π)

Publikation at

The significance of rational numbers Q+ and the coordinate system with epicycles P(2π) for the energy relationships in physics

Summary of P(2π) for those in a hurry:

Knackige Formeln

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I look forward to any criticism, positive or negative. The manuscripts are line by line numbered consecutively. In the forum you can describe exactly what your thoughts, suggestions and criticism relate to. To discuss, you should at least have read the manuscripts up to the calculation of the neutron mass.
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